Social networking sites are very popular nowadays. It becomes the best time pass for not even for teenagers but also for the old age group. It is also known as the online surfing through which you can easily get connected to your work and relatives even living at far places. Users are provided by the best transport to transfer images, messages, videos and many other things. This social media is utilizing by billions of people throughout the world. This is the cheapest communication network which anybody wants to adopt. Consumers are assisted with rapid and instant results. If you are not aware of the functions of social media then take advice from Social Media Customer Service Number.

Facebook Customer Support

Website: Customer Care

Phone Number: 1-833-284-2444

Call Time: Average Wait: 4 mins — Monday-Friday: 5am-7pm PST

Talk To human: Ignore prompts and keep saying “Service Adviser”.

UseFul Tools &Number To Call:call via web